To pull off this extraordinary comic strip idea, Gentry decided to create a
team to focus on the details of building the Tissie brand. To begin with, he knew he had to find a strong graphics designer who would be able to package the TISSIE concept for multi usages; i.e. comic strip, web site,
promotions, adverstising, etc. Art Director, Mick Fink was brought on board for this purpose.

He also collaborated with a design and marketing team of professionals who are colleagues of his. Each of whom helped to guide the focus of the strip in such a way to keep it's message strong and clear.

His daughter Galyn was brought on to keep the TISSIE brand alive with fun and excitement, for promotional and marketing opportunities. Most importantly, Gentry looks to his sister Brigitte (of whom the Tissie character was inspired), who keeps everything about the character, "real".


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